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AFS and Quality Control

While working  for each AFS products to be in accordance within the  standarts and for the exact product deliveries to the customers, Quality Contol labaratory works precisely and detailed from the controls start from raw materials to the last product. The main purpose is to find and service the fastest  the solutions to the customer and maintain full customer satisfaction continuously.

Quality Control department is an important milestone of AFS’s commitment “ Qualified  Product “ to its customers ; has great importance in keeping the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

“ Quality is the main standart for AFS and it is certified.”

AFS, without compromising the quality of products and services offered to its customers, leading the industry by adapting to changing conditions in an increasing competitive environment, Quality Control Laboratory also keeping pace with the requirements in this direction and  gradually increases the capacity of the control sample. Commanding hundreds of products manufactured by AFS, Quality Control department is working coordinated with the production unit and informs them of the products which have been controlled phsically and functionally.

Adding to these the, Quality Control Laboratory; while directing its studies as foreseen by the international standarts also keeping in touch with suchlike laboratories in America and in European countries.

Quality Control Stages

The Raw material used for the production for flexible ducts and accessories is being controlled before passing into the production lines. The indentified defects on the raw material are reported and informed to the production unit.

Released from the prodcution line, the samples taken from the products are being tested in the Quality Control department.

AFS and R&D

The ever-evolving technology and diversifying needs in the HVAC industry coordinate AFS to keep up with the era with massive investments, especially in the R&D field. Renewing it’s technology continuosly, AFS advanced one step further from various other companies in this field and established the Research Deparment. To began with the efforts of improving new products, AFS’s main purpose is to ensure total customer satisfaction in this R & D journey. R & D , providing the required data’s for the project practitioners and efforts to supply  with hygienic, energy efficient, silent, impermeable products to them.

The main purpose of  these efforts is to lead the R & D constitution in the HVAC industry.

R & D Journey ;

The test laboratory contained by the R & D constituion, had been reached to a professional structure with sections  Production Department, Industrial Design and certification field. 

Over the last year R & D had made a great leap forward, have made massive improvements  either with the performance and capacity and also with the staff and equipments fields.

All the test mechanism’s are all established in accordance with the standarts of EN and UL. Therefore today,  the laboratory have been reached the capacity of applying the tests which are done abroad.

In the laboratory, the products have been tested recording pressure loss, flexion capacity, smash endurance, heat resistance, perforation tests, fire retardancy and flammability tests.

Keeping up with the requirements of the era, R & D improves industrial designs and testing prototypes and completes the certifications of the products with the service supplies from outside.

Between the years 2009-2010, AFS had been granted an award for the  most beneficial model application. In this time AFS also has made a massive progress for benefitial model applications, R & D industrial design registries and with brand registries.

Staying in touch with the world’s leading laboratories, R & D is always up to date with the latest changes in the sector and could back up the projects and talk them with same language.

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