20th Anniversary of Cooperation Between AFS & LOGO

Public traded software company LOGO celebrated the 20th anniversary of its cooperation with AFS with a surprise cocktail at the AFS HQ.
AFS, Europe’s leading flexible air duct manufacturer, has been cooperating with Logo for 20 years. LOGO was established in 1984 to develop applications and software for personal computers. Now it has a well-established place in the software industry with innovative solutions and services it provides. AFS Assistant General Manager Ahmet POYRAZ stated that “The 20 years of experience gives us confidence. We automate all our operational processes with Logo’s solutions for both our staff and customers. I would like to thank LOGO for this celebration and wish our cooperation to be permanent.”
LOGO Functional Products Sales Manager Özge YİĞİT presented AFS its 20th-year plaque and stated that “As LOGO, we are happy to accompany companies with their journey of change and transformation. We wanted to come together with AFS, one of our loyal customers, with whom we’ve left 20 years behind.”

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