AFS at the SMM 2022 Hamburg Fair

AFS participated in SMM INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FAIR in Hamburg between 06-09 September 2022. 

Assistant General Manager Ahmet POYRAZ stated:” All of our products exhibited at the fair are Marine certified. With effect from 1st January 2001, certain safety equipment on ships registered in the EU/EFTA area has had to comply with the requirements of the Marine equipment Directive. Such equipment must be marked with the official symbol of a ship’s wheel to show that it complies. AFS Marine flexible air duct is produced from multi-layer aluminium and polyester, strengthened with high tension hard steel spring wire, surrounded with glass wool insulation and an aluminium vapor barrier. Its dimensions, tolerances and mechanical resistance are tested, classified & certified according to EN 13180 standard. It has high elasticity and flexibility. It can be easily fitted to circular, oval or rectangular connectors. We had the opportunity to meet with many local and foreign sector representatives and introduce our products.”

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