AFS Carbon Footprint Report is Now Available

AFS has achieved another milestone in the HVAC industry by setting an example initiative to reduce its carbon footprint in the fight against climate change. AFS has published the “Carbon Footprint Report” to determine the impacts of its activities on climate change and in order to plan the reduction of greenhouse gas effects, including comprehensive research covering all operational stages.

AFS, the leading company in the HVAC industry with production facilities located in Ankara Ivedik and Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, exporting to nearly 100 countries today, continues its efforts within the framework of a production approach, focused on human and environmentally friendly studies for a sustainable future. Previously, AFS had installed a solar power plant consisting of a total of 2537 panels for both factories, generating its own electricity with the target of a more livable environment for future generations. Recently, AFS earned a Zero Waste Certificate awarded by the Minister of Environment, Urbanisation by integrating the waste management philosophy defined as the prevention/reduction of waste formation, separate collection of waste at its source and ensuring recycling into all its processes. At the moment, as a global concern, there are still legal obligations pending to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the face of climate change, AFS completed its 2022 corporate carbon footprint report and shared it with the public.

Ahmet Poyraz, the Assistant General Manager of AFS stated that they will continue to their policies to build a sustainable future in all business activities and added; “The negative effects of climate change have reached levels that can now be called a climate crisis. This situation makes it inevitable to take urgent measures and necessary revisions globally covering all areas. As the AFS family, we actively continue our efforts for the green transformation process. We took the first step to set new targets each year to calculate and reduce our carbon footprint. We are at the beginning of the process and we consider this step as a small part of what are planning to do. With reference to this study, we will be closely monitoring ourselves and our targets to leave a more livable world for future generations. Additionally, our target is also to calculate the effects of activities carried out within our organization for climate change by detecting and focusing on the problematic spots in carbon emission levels, contributing to the formation of plans for carbon neutrality and reporting greenhouse gas emission levels in the allowed standards to TS EN ISO 14064-1:2019, and raise awareness for all our staff on sustainability and energy efficient. Since the awareness for sustainable and efficient management of our resources is an inevitable necessity, these studies will provide each of us with additional motivation for our sustainable strategies in the upcoming period for AFS, for a company that is highly sensitive to environmental protection and human health.


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