AFS Participated in AHR Expo 2024 with its Latest and Modern Ventilation Solutions

During January 22nd -24th , AFS products were presented to the visitors at the first fair of the year, AHR Expo 2024, held in Chicago, USA.

Being very active in international fairs and successfully representing Turkey in the HVAC industry, AFS had the opportunity to meet with customers and solution partners at the AHR fair. Besides the important UL-labeled products which are very important for the USA, also the flexible air ducts with acoustic/thermal insulation and antimicrobial flexible air ducts received intense interest at the fair, which hosted hundreds of international HVAC representatives.

Ahmet POYRAZ, Deputy General Manager of AFS, who demonstrated their pioneering role in prioritizing sustainability in the industry with the activities they carried out in all production and marketing processes, stated that they continue their policies to build a sustainable future in all business processes: “We constantly emphasize that export sales are the driving force for us, both as a company and as a country. AFS laboratory conducts precise studies regarding the certifications of relevant countries. In this context, we are honored to be the first and only manufacturer in Europe with UL-listed labeled products, which is one of the most important certification for America, including models ISOAFS-ALU UL and ALUAFS UL. We will continue to offer energy-efficient and high-performance ventilation solutions, supporting our production discipline and strengthening our strong position in the global ventilation market and our global strategy on zero carbon. We remain committed to presenting these solutions to the satisfaction of our visitors at international relevant fairs.”

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