Economic and Trustworthy Solution to Ventilation Cold by AFS

AFS is the only company that comes to mind when says flexible air ducts’ production in Turkey, especially it has produced economic and trustworthy solution against cold that comes from ventilation in fall and winter months. 
AFS which gives service in air conditioning sector for almost 30 years and which is called the biggest flexible air duct producer in Europe, has already presented its new product. The ventilation transmitter which is called AIR DEFLECTOR and developed for the reason to protect from cold that comes from ventilation in fall and winter months attracted a great deal of attention in online shopping. Ahmet POYRAZ, who is the Assistant General Manager of AFS, stated that they are all solution focused in all products and services, and aim to cover all requirements by all meanings, also gave information about AIR DEFLECTOR which is a ventilation transmitter: “Natural gas ventilation grills in our homes have crucial importance of possible gas leakage. Because the air that comes from the ventilation covers our oxygen necessity. However people lean on to find solutions such as strap or fill them up with newspapers to prevent that cold comes into houses. This has crucial risk for the household. In that exact point AIR DEFLECTOR is the solution for everybody by menas of ventilation transmission. The warm air in the home intensifies at the top and ventilation transmitter transmits cold air through the top, that comes from outside, in this way it provides heat balance between cold and warm. Thus both not to get in touch with cold air directly, and also it supplies healthy air transmission indoors with its ideal ventilation principals.”12

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