Green Energy For a Sustainable Future is in Our Factory

The Solar Power Station installation has been completed on the roof of Ankara production plant of AFS Flexible Duct Company who offer a wide range of quality products to HVAC Sector.

Within the framework of environment-oriented working approach for a sustainable future, now AFS will produce its own electricity and leave a more liveable nature to the new generations.
Ahmet POYRAZ, who is the Assistant General Manager of AFS stated that ” In this project, total of 651,000 kWh solar power station was installed and 989 panels applied to AFS roof and using renewable energy sources are very important for a sustainable future and many countries have investment projects on renewable energy, as AFS we believe that our future clearly depends on our ability to utilize solar and other renewable sources of energy and our goal is to produce our own energy also increase sustainability in energy production with renewable energy sources.”

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