The only holder of this certificate in Europe: AFS

AFS has produced ISOAFS-ALU.UL after intensive work which has been tested according to UL 181 standards in one of USA’s’ most prestigious laboratories and has been UL listed under the “flexible air duct” category.
 As Europe’s biggest flexible air duct producer AFS has been serving the climatization sector for approximately 30 years and carries the Turkish brand proudly in international platforms.
The CEO Zeki Poyraz stated “Our R&D department works restlessly for weeks to produce high-quality products and carries out tests at AFSLab that are not carried out anywhere else. After hundreds of tests, we develop top quality products. We know the importance of being certificated by one of the most prestigious laboratories in the world and continue our work accordingly. UL 181 is an achievement well-earned after hard work. For this certificate, products undergo tests with the “UL 181 Standard for Factory-Made Air Ducts and Air Connectors” standard and if they pass the test they earn the right to use the UL Listed mark. Our ISOAFS-ALU.UL product has passed many tough tests including mold formation, fire propagation and endurance. Also, we are the only producer in Europe with a UL Listed product in the “Flexible Air Duct” category.”

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