Our organizations’ primary objective is to provide quality that is beyond the customers’ expectations. To be able to achieve this;
•    Improvement of quality will always be encouraged,
•    For each service, there will be sufficient and qualified personnel 
•    The pursuit of scientific and technological developments and utilization of necessary ones
•    Ensuring the supply of top quality materials 
•    Swift problem solving without forgoing quality.
•    Environmental consciences while planning services.

As always, with support from our employees, we will continue to abide by the law and regulations, fulfill our commitments on time and be a fair and honest firm. 
It is the responsibility of all workers, starting from the CEO, to control and prevent all harmful and negative effects that might be caused by the operations of AFS and to always improve energy efficiency. 
As AFS, it is our duty to educate our employees with the knowledge of occupational health and safety and environmental consciousness for the purposes of “healthy and environmentally conscious production”.
We believe that all work accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented, thus we work accordingly, constantly improving and operating through the principles stated below:
•    We operate according to the occupational health and safety regulations of the countries we work in,
•    Educate all our employees in terms of occupational health and safety,
•    We make sure that all our employees, suppliers and visitors abide by OHS rules. 
•    Providing healthy and safe work environments by decreasing the risks and health hazards 
•    Comply with environmental and general regulations 
•    Reduce the amount of environmental pollution and waste
We undertake that we will continuously work in order to improve and ensure the safety of our work environment. 
AFS is aware that corporate information has utmost importance both for itself and for its’ partners. Thus, it has formed an ever-improving Information Security System which complies with the ISO 27001 standard. 
The operations of the Information Security System are;
•    Continuous process and progress through risk analysis 
•    Abiding laws and agreements 
•    Ensuring the employees are a part of the system and that their awareness and their compliance to safety necessities are at a maximum.
•    Decreasing information security violations to a minimum and treating earned experiences as an opportunity to learn. 

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