Working at AFS

AFS uses HR strategies to carry its’ employees’ potential to the maximum. As it hires experienced professionals it also hires new graduates, depending on the requirements of each department. Once the candidates are reviewed on their skills they are called in for interviews with the HR department and the head of the department they have applied for. If the interview is successful then they take a language proficiency exam if required by the position. If everything goes successfully then the job is offered.

Wage Management, Work Hours and Rights

  • AFS urges its’ workers to begin working on time and to use their breaks efficiently. For white collars, the work hours are from 08.00 till 18.00 for five days a week and for blue collars, it is from 08.00 till 17.00 for six days a week.
  • For white and blue collars, the breaks are from 12.30-13.15 and 15.30-15.45 and for blue collars, there is an additional 15-minute break from 09.45 till 10.00.
  • Lunch is provided by the company at the food courts during lunch hour.
  • Wages are set on a yearly basis and the payments are made between the 1st and the 5th of each month.
  • Employees are expected to work 45 hours per week as per the law. The work hours for blue-collar workers may vary depending on the production rates. If necessary the workers might be expected to work on holidays, only by being notified beforehand and the extra hours are paid for. 

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