Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability

We aim to improve the quality of life and meet today’s needs without compromising the resources of future generations by acting in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We aim to make energy cheaper, more efficient, cleaner and more economical, and to develop environmentally friendly products in all areas.

Afs Boru, Soluk Aldıran Çözümler

Our Sustainability Strategy

We support sustainable growth in all production processes we operate and we continue to create value for people, society and the environment as well as our company.

As AFS Boru, we embrace the Sustainable Development Goals at every stage of our value chain, from source to end user, and are leading the way in supporting the 10 global goals we have prioritized.

Our Strategic Value Areas

Afs Boru, Soluk Aldıran Çözümler
A More Advanced Society;
We define our actions in order to act together with our stakeholders and be a driving force for each other.
Happier Employees;
As a family company, we work by drawing strength from each other like a family.
Sustainable Growth in Our Company;
We continue to achieve stable growth, add value to the economy and create employment.
Environment Fit for Our Future;
We recognize that natural resources are not infinite. We work hard to avoid waste and protect our resources, and we manage all our production processes with this in mind.

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