Corporate Water Footprint

Corporate Water Footprint

Today, the primary duty of every institution and individual should be to comply with the measures to be taken and national policies to combat climate change. This is all the more important as, according to the United Nations (UN) reports, our country is shown as one of the 33 countries that will experience water shortages by 2025.

The effective use and smart management of water, which is an indispensable element of our products and production, is extremely important for sustainability. In order to use water and water resources efficiently, companies need to calculate their water footprint.

As a requirement, companies aim to achieve a rational balance of water consumption with the water footprint reports they will produce according to international standards. In this context, AFS Boru Sanayi A.Ş. has calculated the amount of water footprint generated within the scope of its activities. It has prepared a roadmap to reduce water consumption in the coming years by identifying measures that will reduce the water footprint.

This report is based on the door-to-gate approach resulting from the activities carried out by our company between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2023, and only the direct water footprint (operational limits) has been calculated. Supply chain processes are outside the scope of the report.

The emission categories within the scope of direct water footprint are as follows;

Blue Water Footprint: The annual blue water footprint of a facility is the total amount of water it consumes from a given freshwater source in one year.

Green Water Footprint: This is an indicator of rainwater use.

Gray Water Footprint: This is an indicator used to express the pollution caused by the manufacturing process of a product.

According to water the footprint calculations based on ‘TS EN ISO 14046:2016 Water Footprint Principles, Requirements and Guide Standard’, the inventory table of water use types and resources for 2023 is shown below.

Table 1. Total Water Footprint Inventory Emissions in 2023

CategoryWater footprint (m3)Proportion in inventory (%)
Consumed waterBlue Water Footprint375453,3
RainwaterGreen Water Footprint00
Polluted waterGrey Water Footprint – COD1501,6
Grey Water Footprint SS3284,846,7
Grey Water Footprint – BOD1877,0
Total Water Footprint*7.038,8100 %

*The highest grey water parameter is used in grey water footprint calculations.


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