Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint

AFS recognizes that contributing to the development and well-being of the communities in which it operates is an integral part of its corporate social responsibility.

AFS plays a critical role in the development of society by upholding principles such as decent work, occupational safety and environmental health. It places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement by conducting its operations with designs that are more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, clean and practical.

To support systematic efforts in line with its objectives and to ensure transparent monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions, AFS has carried out carbon footprint calculations and reporting in accordance with the TS EN ISO 14064-1:2019 standard and its requirements, a pioneering effort in the sector.

These studies include both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from activities carried out between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022, and the emissions are remarkably low.

As shown in the graph, 35.87% of our emissions come from the raw materials we use, over 30% from heating and around 23% from transport and travel activities.

This year’s monitoring will focus on these main sources of emissions to reduce our carbon footprint over the coming period. We will review the raw materials we use and, where possible, choose more sustainable alternatives. We will explore heating alternatives, improve insulation and increase the efficiency of our energy use.

In addition, our carbon footprint from electricity use remains remarkably low at 3.61%. This is due to the fact that a significant proportion of our electricity needs are met by the solar power system installed on our roof. Our efforts in this area will be expanded in the coming periods.

Calculations for 2023 will be completed in the next year, and carbon reduction targets for 2024 will be set by evaluating these two years. AFS aims to progressively reduce its carbon emissions each year, exceeding the previous year’s achievements.

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