AFS Flexible Air Ducts were Approved at Mersin Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The construction continues at the first nuclear power plant of Turkey. The first reactor in Mersin Akkuyu, is scheduled to be commissioned in 2023. Once complete 4 reactors each of them being 1200 mW a total of 4800 mW will be produced, which is projected to meet approximately 10% of the electricity needs of Turkey. The cost of the project is around $20 billion.
AFS has been serving the climatization sector for nearly 30 years and is known to be the largest flexible air duct manufacturer in Europe. AFS’ Assistant General Manager Ahmet POYRAZ stated that trust is a priority in all products, services, and brands, and stated that they are working to be the most reliable solution partner of the industry with product quality and brand reliability in all the projects they have participated in so far.


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