AFS participated in AHR Expo 2019

AFS, the leading brand of air conditioning sector in Turkey, the world’s most important heating, cooling and ventilation, one of the organization took place in 2019 AHR Expo. 
AFS International Operations Manager Ahmet Zahit POYRAZ said, “We had the opportunity to meet with many local and foreign sector representatives and introduce our products. It is pleasing to see the visitors who have high technical equipment, who know the products and dominate the usage areas at our stand and increased our expectation from this organization. In our booth where flexible and semi-flexible air ducts are presented to the customer’s appreciation, there was much interest in CONAIR Plastic products together with our UL listed ISOAFSALU UL, ALUAFS UL, ALUAFS Dryer Duct products which have the most important certificate especially for the relevant country. ”

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